Blake Mycoskie

Blake Mycoskie Keynotes - Blake Mycoskie is an American entrepreneur who has given speeches on success, dealing with failures... Need Inspiration?

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Speaker Blake Mycoskie discusses growing through failed attempts in this positive outlook keynote. Mycoskie talks about his past businesses to highlight his point. Mycoskie's first business was a laundry mat. While this business was profitable, he wasn't passionate about it. Mycoskie took what he learned from running that business and decided to apply it to fields that he found more interesting.

Mycoskie also discusses his second business, which was a failure in terms of profit. He doesn't see it as a failure overall though, because he learned a lot of valuable lessons from the experience. He claims that most entrepreneurs don't view failure as a bad thing, because one still builds strong connections and learns valuable business lessons from failed attempts. These lessons provide entrepreneurs with the tools to create more successful businesses.