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Peter Saul

Peter Saul Keynotes - Keynotes by Peter Saul focus on the topic of dying and on how health professionals can improve the... Need Inspiration?

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In this speech, Peter Saul demonstrates how he's dedicated his life and career to improving the experience of death for thousands of people. Saul works as a specialist in the adult and paediatric ICU at John Hunter Hospital and as the Director of Intensive Care at Newcastle Private Hospital in Australia.

Saul provides an insightful discussion on death, carefully explaining its four main causes, which include sudden death, frailty, organ failure and terminal illness. One in ten people in Australia will die in intensive care, while one in five will in the United States.

Saul explains that ensuring a comfortable death is important because these experiences live on in the minds of everyone who survives us. Peter Saul concludes his speech by reminding the audience that everyone will die in the 21st century, but the experience doesn't have to be traumatic.