Robert Steven Kaplan

Robert Steven Kaplan Keynotes - Professor Robert Steven Kaplan is known to give speeches discussing his book 'What You're Really... Need Inspiration?

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Professor Robert Steven Kaplan stresses the importance of defining one's own success accordingly in this personal success speech. Kaplan says that defining success based on other people's standards and expectations is a mistake individuals make all too often.

Kaplan says that people are happier when they assess for themselves what is a realistic goal. It's up to the individual to gauge their own potential and then push themselves to reach it. Kaplan says that it's far more satisfying to meet one's own standards for success than it is to meet someone else's.

Robert Steven Kaplan also discusses his book 'What You're Really Meant To Do: A Road Map for Reaching Your Own Unique Potential.' Kaplan believes that people are happy so long as they've met their own standards for success.