Alan Watkins

Alan Watkins Keynotes - The Dr. Alan Watkins keynotes let an audience know what it takes to become and remain successful... Need Inspiration?

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The Dr. Alan Watkins performance keynote shows an audience how to remain successful every single day. He says that performance and results go hand in hand. Positive outcomes are affected by a number of things including how we think, behave, feel, our emotions and our physiology. You must have a great grip on all these different levels, according to Watkins, in order to be brilliant every day. He breaks down how each level affects the others.

Watkins displays how this works by using a system to measure heart rate variability. He gets an audience member to volunteer to display how it all works. From this display we see how pressure seriously affects how our body copes with the stress, and what it goes through during the process.

This is an interesting keynote that breaks down all parts of the human system, both mental and physical to show how we can best perform.