Max Little

Max Little Keynotes - Max Little's keynotes tackle the difficult subject of an ongoing health struggle. Parkinson's... Need Inspiration?

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This Parkinsons detection keynote describes a new way of diagnosing individuals with this disease. Max Little is a mathematician who has made significant contributions to the fields of biomedicine, rainfall, groundwater flow, speech science and nonlinear signal processing.

There are 6.3 million people in the world affected by Parkinson's disease, and there is no impartial way for its early detection. Max Little has found a way to detect Parkinson's that is easy, cheap and 99% accurate.

Living with the disease means living with untreatable weakness, tremor and rigidty. Max's objective tool can diagnose the disease before it's to late. This would remove trips to go to the doctor and paying the expensive cost of specialized tests in hospitals. The Parkinsons detection keynote describes a process that can test for Parkinson's disease in a 30-second phone call.