Angela Lee Duckworth

Angela Lee Duckworth Keynotes - The Angela Lee Duckworth keynotes highlight the factors that breed success. As a teacher,... Need Inspiration?

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Angela Lee Duckworth showcases how the general factors of educational success aren't necessarily associated with talent and I.Q. in this optimized success keynote.

The educational process in the later years of high school are difficult periods in terms of educational progress; it requires time and dedication. Duckworth states in her optimized success keynote that educators and parents need to develop a much better understanding of students and their individual learning processes from a motivational and psychological perspective.

Grit is the primary characteristic that determines the success rate of an individual according to Duckworth in a study she conducted. Passion and perseverance dedicated to achieving long-term goals is what elevates successful individuals among others. The best means of culminating grit is by developing a growth mindset, which is the belief that the ability to learn isn't fixed and innate. By desensitizing failure, parents can open avenues of learning and success.