Meg Wheatley

Meg Wheatley Keynotes - Organization and productivity is something that many people struggle with, which makes Meg... Need Inspiration?

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In this short but enlightening conversation with Meg Wheatley, leadership futurist and organizational expert, she shows observers of this video not only how self-managed team environments can often be more effective and produce better results than supervised ones, but also presents research to show that this increase in productivity is of a relatively high percentage. She explains that research going as far back as to the forties has shown that workforces that adopt this practice of self-leading individuals or teams are at least 35% more effective in regards to their work responsibilities. Yet, she admits that although this knowledge has been known for decades, most companies don’t operate on a model of self-managed workforces because power is of more importance than productivity. In this intriguing discussion, Meg Wheatley makes some interesting arguments for why teams may be better off leading themselves and leaves it up to the viewer to decide if this form of business practice will work for them.