Carol Craig

Carol Craig Keynotes - The Carol Craig keynote speeches dissect the value we hold on material goods. Craig believes that... Need Inspiration?

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The Carol Craig materialism keynote speech talks about wealth and how much value we hold in it. According to Craig, materialism is made up of three different factors -- money and what it can buy, appearance and image, as well as fame, popularity, status and power. What holds these things together is dependent on how we are seen through the eyes of other people, according to Craig. We are always going to care about these factors, however we need to realize how much they can dominate our lives.

The values aren't just coming from the media, we're receiving messages about this from politicians and even big charities. We have to start protecting ourselves from these values, as to not become consumed by them so we can see a bigger picture. Craig also believes that we have to start talking about it, and creating awareness about the weight these values have on individuals.

Craig hopes to enlighten an audience about the value we hold on these factors, so that they don't destroy our environment and diminish our lives.