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Marnie McBean

Marnie McBean Keynotes - The Marnie McBean presentations draw viewers in to the athlete's take on goals and personal... Need Inspiration?

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In this keynote speech, three-time Olympic gold medalist Marnie McBean shares the lessons she has learned during her career as an athlete and as a mentor to the Canadian Olympic Team. Her speech specifically hones in on what it takes to become a career champion.

Marnie McBean identifies a career champion as someone who is capable of minimizing the difference between their bad days and their great days. She then outlines tools to achieving one's personal and corporate goals. Marnie McBean firmly believes in the importance of having big and ambitious goals, as there is no joy in overachieving mediocre goals. Marnie McBean encourages her audience to set difficult goals and to avoid setting limits. In order to achieve these goals, one must create a path on which they will constantly focus until goals have been achieved.