John Horgan

John Horgan Keynotes - The John Horgan presentations are thoughtful discussions that examine violence and war as a cultural... Need Inspiration?

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American science journalist and author John Horgan is best known for his 1996 book ‘The End of Science,’ but will release a new book this year entitled ‘The End of War,’ in which he argues that war is a cultural rather than biological phenomenon. Using fascinating examples from the study of chimpanzees and historical evidence, John Horgan makes a case for the need to reevaluate our understanding of human nature.

According to John Horgan, war is not as ancient as may have been previously understood. Horgan says that anthropologically speaking, lethal group violence only dates back to about thirteen thousand years ago, rather than hundreds of thousands of years ago at the point of emergence of the Homo genus species. John Horgan makes the assertion that, that based on this body of empirical evidence, the end of war is imminent.