Janet Echelman

Janet Echelman Keynotes - The Janet Echelman keynotes promote the need to experiment and use unlikely materials in order to...

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In this Janet Echelman Keynote the artist discusses her approach towards sculpture and constantly changing patterns. Rejected from all the art schools that she applied to, Echelman refused to be discouraged and continued to pursue creative endeavors. In India she was influenced by fish nets, an interest that eventually developed into a passion and profound ability to create magnificent sculptures.

Rather than creating something that is simply looked at, Janet Echelman forms sculptures that audiences can enter and become lost in. The process involves the pairing of artisanal craftsmanship with high tech material and engineering. She is now being approached by urban developers and city planners to infuse large metropolitan areas with her pioneering artistic creations.

Rediscovering wonder, collaborating with various art forms and artisans has allowed Echelman to continuously push her artistic horizons.