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Philip Schiller Keynotes - The keynotes by Philip Schiller predominately focus on the release of brand new Apple products. He... Need Inspiration?

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In this iPhone 5 keynote presentation by Philip W. Schiller, the senior VP of Worldwide Public Marketing for Apple, reveals the advanced and innovative features of the highly anticipated new device. He explains how the main objective of the iPhone 5 was to make the life of its user easier and effortless. Whether it's texting or organizing one's weekly schedule on the calendar, the phone has been designed to make every experience seamless.

With its four-inch retina screen, 44 percent increase in color saturation than the iPhone 4S and the new network, no other device like it exists.

The iPhone 5 keynote presentation not only centers in on the new device's unparalleled display, it also highlights how much faster the apps are and how much more one can do with them. Schiller describes the new device as having the "world's most advanced display."