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Geoffrey West

Geoffrey West Keynotes - Geoffrey West's keynotes address the possibility and need for a science of social organization,... Need Inspiration?

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This innovation keynote, presented by physicist Geoffrey West, draws fascinating parallels between cities, corporations and biology. Determined to discover a set of universal laws and principles to analyze and predict the future of economies and businesses -- similar to the way scientists can monitor organisms -- he began to study large brands such as Wal-Mart and cities like New York City as if they were organisms.

What he discovered was that while cities will survive and thrive, companies and businesses will all collapse. The cause of these collapses, however, is because innovation cannot occur quickly enough to endure the effects of bureaucracy and administration that exists in cities. When companies innovate quickly, the scale beautifully, but like biology, they mostly only scale sub-linearly, resulting in an eventual collapse.

West's innovation keynote fuses the worlds of science, business and economics in what is truly an eye-opening discussion.