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Dan Ariely

Dan Ariely Keynotes - In Dan Ariely speeches, he examines how irrational behaviors affect decision-making. As a Professor... Need Inspiration?

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Dan Ariely, one of the world's most renown professors of behavioral economics, discusses irrational thinking and the risk of following your gut in this ignoring intuition keynote. He attributes much of the world's irrational thinking and poor decision-making skills to the confusion between external reality and subjective reality.

He suggests that humans create environments in which they are prone to make the same mistakes again and again. Of course one's intuition will guide someone in a familiar environment when reoccurring decisions or choices must be made. Coupled with this, Ariely believes people don't truly understand their preferences. This and people's lack of willingness to step back, evaluate a situation without intuition and to try something new is keeping people from breaking the patter of poor decision-making.

Ariely's ignoring intuition keynote presents a fascinating argument with interesting and engaging case studies.