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Bob Nelson

Bob Nelson Keynotes - The keynotes by Bob Nelson focus on the relationships between employers and employees, in particular... Need Inspiration?

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This employee motivation keynote comes from Dr. Bob Nelson, a bestselling author and motivational speaker. His speech focuses on employer and employee relations. With the overwhelming amount of information and technology available in the modern world, Nelson believes it is easy for anyone to lose sight of the real things that help foster strong relationships at work.

He recognizes that every individual wants to perform their best at work, but this performance more often than not depends on the type of environment created by a manager. According to Nelson, an employee's success is the responsibility of a manager. Managers cannot force employees to do anything, but they can provide a supportive environment that encourages them and involves them in important decisions.

The secret lies in discovering what it is that is important to an employee, be it hobbies, interests or family. Nelson's employee motivation keynote reminds managers that they cannot light a fire under their employees, but that they can a light a fire within them. Managers need to focus on motivating their employees as opposed to manipulating them.