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Eddie LeMoine

Eddie LeMoine Keynotes - Presented by a new leader born in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Eddie LeMoine's speeches convey that he... Need Inspiration?

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Eddie LeMoine, a professional speaker who specializes in demographics and diversity, discusses staff attraction and retention in this employee engagement keynote. As LeMoine explains, the period of economic recession and downturn emerging in 2008, resulted in many employers finding it difficult to track down talent and keep it.

LeMoine argues that companies, businesses and brands can actually benefit during these times in relation to employee engagement. The majority of recruitment processes focused on how a company could weather through the recession, but those which actually focused on employee engagement saw an increase in productivity and profitability.

He then goes onto to discuss how employee engagement can create long-term benefits for a team. Employees are much more likely to perform better as well as demonstrate higher levels of commitment and dedication to a management team that gives them incentives and motivation.