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Deb Roy

Deb Roy Keynotes - The Deb Roy speeches are fascinating explorations that examine the development and evolution of... Need Inspiration?

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MIT Professor and engineer Deb Roy encourages individuals to revisit their past memories, recounting a groundbreaking personal journey that captured the life of his family for a period of three years.

The speaker's bold experiment is one that included recording precious moments with an advanced built-in camera and mic system that was installed within their home. Designed for continuous capture, this tech-savvy system recorded eight to ten hours of the speaker's life a day, ultimately transcribing over seven million words exchanged by Roy and his family.

Taking a closer look at these audio transcripts, the speaker exhibits the birth of a word, showing the audience a sped-up evolution of his son's first attempt at saying the word 'water.' This stunning keynote documents a child's development, chronicling a pronunciation that begins with 'gaga' and ends with 'water.'