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David Allen

David Allen Keynotes - The keynotes by David Allen aim to spur people into prioritizing and taking responsibility of their... Need Inspiration?

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Behavioralist and productivity expert David Allen encourages individuals to get things done by understanding the reasoning behind their lack of focus. The speaker describes individuals as being in their own way, often having to overcomplicate the simplest of concepts.

Being human, Allen admits to experiencing periods of intense focus and other periods of detrimental distraction. He stresses the often overwhelming pressures of our present society, describing the endless tasks we are faced with as individuals.

Encouraging list-making, David Allen helps individuals prioritize and see things in a clearer light. When organized, we often see otherwise complex tasks as simple and easy to accomplish.

Describing the behavioral science behind the act of giving in to distractions, the speaker helps individuals get things done, encouraging them to get back on the wagon when they fall off of it.