Simon Jackman

Simon Jackman Keynotes - Speaker Simon Jackman is a professor in the department of political science at Stanford University.... Need Inspiration?

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Speaker and political scientist Simon Jackman's data application speech explains that big data is for everyone, and can be scientifically applied to politics. Jackman reveals a very interesting graph to his audience, that reveals that Obama was never in danger of losing his re-election.

Jackman explains that while not all polls are trustworthy, it's possible to track political elections using national poll results. Jackman's chart on Obama's re-election shows how well Obama did in each state, and clearly shows that the election wasn't as close at it may have seemed in the media.

Jackman points out that big data is everywhere, including surveys, public record, consumer files, texts and more. He claims that political scientists are more equipped now to learn from data and analyze it than ever before.