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Dan Ariely

Dan Ariely Keynotes - In Dan Ariely speeches, he examines how irrational behaviors affect decision-making. As a Professor... Need Inspiration?

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Dan Ariely's conflicts of interest speech presents two different personal stories that demonstrate how incentives often drive individuals to dismiss reality and logic and instead rely on biased opinions and thought. He shares the story of how his doctor wanted him to allow him to tattoo parts of his face that were burned badly to create a symmetry with the rest of his facial hair. Ariely argues that there are always people in life who want to act in ways that are recognizable not in one's best interest except their own.

He notes, however, that we are equally at fault for being blinded by our own incentives. The challenge is to figure out where the cases are in our life when conflicts of interest affect us. Hope lays in the possibility of finding ways to fix these behaviors.