Bruce Feiler

Bruce Feiler Keynotes - Bruce Feiler's keynotes focus largely upon his faith-based works upon which he has garnered quite a... Need Inspiration?

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In this Bruce Feiler keynote the author of 'The Council of Dads' talks about his personal struggle with cancer. After surviving a collision with a car while riding his bike as a child, Feiler made it a point to do most of his travels by walking. Taking in the sites, meeting people and experiencing the journey on foot was all threatened when he was diagnosed with bone cancer.

Fearing that his daughters may not grow up to have a dad, Feiler decided that he would reach out to six friends and make what he called The Council of Dads.' These men would be present throughout the passages in his daughters lives if he would not be there for them.

After a hard struggle, Feiler reflects on the process of reaching out to lost friends and colleagues. In closing he urges individuals to enjoy the subtleties in life and "to take a long slow walk," embracing the things that truly matter to you.