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Bill Tancer

Bill Tancer Keynotes - The Bill Tancer keynotes provide insight into online behavior and the data behind search engines.... Need Inspiration?

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Author and columnist Bill Tancer discusses the concept behind his book 'Click: What Millions People Are Doing and Why It Matters.'

An expert in online behaviour, the speaker explains the data behind search engine stats, chronicling individuals' obsession with global events and the media. The author explains the importance of media buzz topics, showcasing how important social events lead to higher search rates.

Tancer describes how sharing information online lead to a multitude of interactions and business connections, stressing the important learning experiences one can gain online. From individuals' interests to hot topics, technology has come a long way when it comes to understanding the individuals using it. From written stats to graphed charts, Bill Tancer tracks online media and shares its advancements in technology.