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Robert Iger

Robert Iger Keynotes - The Robert Iger keynotes discuss the role Disney plays in strengthening relations between the United... Need Inspiration?

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Robert Iger, the President and CEO of The Walt Disney Company, delivers an engaging and insightful American Chinese relations speech. Iger begins his speech by reiterating the exceptional advancements in the growing middle class and increasing incomes in China. Not only will this improve the quality of life for China's citizens, but it will create favorable conditions for strengthening its relations with the United States.

Iger, having been with Disney since 1999, watched China emerge into a global economic force and witnessed its spiraling innovation. China, like Disney, is driven by creative excellence and a rich legacy, which is why Iger is so ecstatic about Disneyland Shanghai. The project represents the company's largest investment outside the United States.

Iger's American Chinese relations speech demonstrates how entertainment can serve economic and political purposes.