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I am an enthusiastic lover of fashion, love and life. Enjoy culture, the arts, old films, traveling and experiencing new aspects of life from around the world. Making new discoveries along the way thrills me most of all.

Writing is in my soul and always will be. I am never long without a notebook especially when I am away from my laptop. An avid grand gourmet coffee lover which, ironically, many of my earlier manuscripts featured evidence of.

What is unique that's not in your bio?
I love discovering a gem story or trend. The anticipation I experience while writing such a story is amazing.
What's your favorite accomplishment?
Becoming a freelance writer, poet and traveling to Asia.
How do you define cool?
Confidence is very cool.
What is your secret to uncovering trends?
Being adventurous and spontaneous makes uncovering trends that are unique and exciting extremely fun.
What do you enjoy most about Trend Hunter?
Writing for Trend Hunter is very enjoyable indeed.
What is your favorite trend?
My favorite trend is futuristic style, technology or gadget. I love the future.
What are your tips for writing a juicy post?
A daring pursuit of whatever story or trend that catches my fancy makes it a juicy post for me to share.
How do you reset to be creative?
I tend to enjoy coffee. A fresh cup before I embark on a new idea is like a torch igniter.
What inspires or excites you?
Innovation excites me to no end every time.
Predict something awesome for 2020?
Smart homes for everyone, I predict will be the trend for 2020.