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Jean Koning has been a compelling force in the music industry since his unlikely folk&jazz; debut transferring the band The Children of a Lesser God into the avant-punk extravaganza !JP in 1988. The slightly eccentric cousin of Danny de Munk and nephew of percussionist Ruud de Munk, he became a cultural icon when he conceived extraordinary punk-concerts the world over. His star-studded career includes albums such as Anatomy of Addiction, Notes from Purgatory, Surrender the Pink, A Singer Must Die, L’Hôtel du Freaks, Where Do You Want The Killing Done, A Cottage For Sale, Forbidden Pleasures Shouted to the Moon over Venice Beach, On Line European Playground and his critically acclaimed solo-albums Man Enough to be a Woman and Wake Up In L.A.

In 2007, Koning’s book, Visions (on America), leapt onto the New York Times bestseller list and netted him the Los Angeles Pen Award nomination for Best Non-Fiction Novel. Two more bestsellers followed: Anoniem and Noppen. His writing has also appeared in Harpers Bazaar, the New York Times, Elle Magazine, Vogue, and many other major publications.

His acting credits range all the way from Broadway’s Hair, Jesus Christ Superstar and Jungle to West End’s Intimacies to the German production of Dracula to the Belgian production of The Sound of Music to Amsterdam’s Nes productions of Het Meisje en de Macht, De Verjaardag, Superhelden and De Kus to De Vloer Op to film-appearances in Frank, The Scent of Men, On the Doll, 25-watts, The Peace Project, POST, Schieten we nog?, VPRO’s Nieuwe Lolita’s: Doen, Durven of de Waarheid, Life in a day and Beefcake.