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Issmat is a graduate of the Sobey School of Business of Saint Mary's University in Halifax, Canada. His dual degree in Business Administration and Computing Science reflects his passion for all things related to business and technology, and how one can be used to promote the other.

In the year 2000, Issmat co-founded the ‘Yemenite Global Network', a Canadian-Yemeni NGO that undertook grass-root projects to combat Xenophobia and promote Human Rights education in the Middle East. As Chief Operations Officer, he recruited global volunteers and implemented a “train the trainers” program using privately raised funds and contributions from the local United Nations Development Program (UNDP) office in Yemen.

Later, Issmat joined a leading Canadian investment firm as a Financial Consultant. He specialized in international taxation and gave seminars to Canadians who planned to live and work outside Canada. Shortly after, he returned to Saint Mary's University as Project Manager for a number of international initiatives, mainly focusing on China.

During this time, Issmat spent his evenings developing a health-management pocket device. He became a member of the Nova Scotia Inventors Society in the summer of 2006. His provisional patent application was later approved by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.

2006 also saw the launch of Issmat's part-time consulting business: Midman International. He provided independent advice and match-making services for various international business, marketing, and trade initiatives. A year later, he launched a second venture (Kick Media) and introduced the first in-cab digital taxi advertising network to Atlantic Canada.

After completing his contract with Saint Mary's, Issmat moved to lead the international marketing department of the International Language Institute, a renowned Halifax-based language-training center.

Through his various interests, Issmat works intimately with markets in Europe, South East Asia, Middle East, and South America. He remains as a part-time business development consultant at Midman International, and is available for advice on international marketing and business initiatives.