Phil Daniels guitarbender QUEBEC, CANADA artistic furniture maker, custom furniture cabinets and woodworking.

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I am now exploring artistic ideas for different furniture. I am
building different pieces for the pleasure of creativity.
I am applying my knowledge of antique reproductions and
furniture making in a new direction of creativity. I am blending
dyes, glass and wood, shapes and form and letting my idea's
and imagination form unique furniture. I do some different
colours to stimulate peoples imagination, to show what non
traditional coloured furniture can do to a room.
I build artistic outdoor structures, fences and furniture,
bending wood and using natures natural shapes to create
beautiful forms.
I do artistic furniture, custom furniture, woodworking and
cabinetry, kitchens, bathroom, built ins, outdoor furniture and
structures and miscellaneous creations from people's
imaginations...I use your idea's and imagination to design and
create quality pieces to your specifications.

I use computer programmes to design and draw a 3D plan,
complete with wood grain and colours. I can show what the
design will look like, in 3D on the computer, and print a picture
of it. I do small items to complete kitchens and bathrooms.