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Swanee Strassmann is the founder and president of She created to share her passion for fashion with other women. She is a highly qualified Fashion Stylist as she studied Fashion Design in Montreal, took Fashion Consultation Classes and furthered her education by reading professional literature and observing fashion all over the world. Swanee has not only worked as a Fashion Consultant and Image Expert, but also done made-to-measure clothing. She has been passionate about the fashion and image business for over a decade now and helped many women up to now!

Thanks to her good eye for structure, shape and balance, Swanee instantly knows what cuts and styles of clothes will suit not only different body types but also various personalities of women. Her goal is to share her knowledge on how to dress in a stylish and fashionable way with other people. She strongly believes that every woman can learn fashion tips and tricks to enhance her look and she enjoys helping women gain more self confidence due to adjusting their clothing styles to their personal features.

Now YOU can take advantage of Swanee's fashion and stylistic talents and professional knowledge! Feel free to check out Fashion's services!