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These blogging presentations promote a professional dimension to the very mainstream activity in which millions of people all over the world participate. These keynotes demonstrate why blogging is an effective platform for not only spreading a brand's message, but also for interacting with consumers and other clientele.

One of the underlying themes in almost all of these talks is that blogging provides an equal playing field for individuals to share their opinions and thoughts with people all over the world. Successful blogger Mena Trott sees blogging as a tool for making the world more accessible.

Iconic journalist and editor Jane Pratt believes that a blog experiences success based on how it treats its readers. Readers must be treated as individuals with valued opinions. She emphasizes the importance of engagement and honest content over a strong SEO strategy, coding or advertising.

Tavi Gevinson uses her blog as a platform to have conversations with the young girls who often frequent her site. She sees her blog not as a "guide," bur rather as a discussion and process, which is hugely responsible for its success.