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On July 31st my new book, Ability To Sleep On Toilet Required was published and I am over the moon.

You can see it at

Excerpt from the story More Ranting Therapy in Part Three - Rantings and Serious Ravings from the book Ability To Sleep on Toilet Required.

And then, the all-time pain-in-the-behind most annoying question?

What did you do to yourself?

Like we did this on purpose. Like we had nothing better to do one day than go out and break our backs, necks, or contract an illness, just because we wanted to spend the rest of our lives in a wheelchair being ostracized by society.

But someone recently gave me the best answer I ever heard for that one.

Next time someone asks me what I did to myself, I will tell them I got injured jumping out the second story window of a whorehouse during a raid.

They will either never bother me again.

Or they'll ask me how much I charge.