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I recently graduated from a Broadcast Journalism program and I feel my ability to interview and appear on-air has grown very much in the past two years. I have always been exceptionally out-going and find it a breeze talking and relating to all types of people. The news world is riveting, fast paced and exciting but I find myself steering towards other much deeper passions. Writing has been a part of me since I was very young, expressing what I see and feel around me through the written word, to me is as natural as breathing. Capturing the beauty of life and all its wonder in a photograph is my other great passion. To me writing and photography go hand in hand. Both are documentation of life, feelings, events and capturing a moment or thought of time, which will never happen again. Trendhunter is a wonderful magazine because is has both. It's current, artistic and literally contains everything! I hope to continue writing and expand my horizons. I like reviewing products, events, concerts, clothing lines and all entertainment based writing.